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Slash Firestorm
19 December 1985
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I'm Slash Firestorm, a nerd living in Florida. When I'm not being a wage slave, I spend most of my time reading, writing, studying natural science, and running around in thunderstorms like an idiot.

I'm a somewhat popular author at AdultFanFiction.net. My main writing work is Sinners, a Pokemon fanfiction. As lame as that sounds, it's actually a very lengthy (currently well over a quarter million words) and serious novel dealing with love blossoming between a trainer and Gardevoir within an uncaring and disapproving world...a world that is quickly falling apart. It's sort of an adventure/romance novel, with horror aspects coming up. Features an OC human (I could never use the horrifically bland and idiotic Ash as a protagonist) and Gardevoir, and the story draws from multiple canons (game, anime, manga) to try to create a fleshed-out and realistic world (which, considering how sketchy some of the canons are, is not an easy task). Give it a chance if you're so inclined. Sinners, along with the rest of my works (most of which are related to it), can be found at my author profile on AFF.

I'm also a long-time member of Newgrounds, although I'm mostly retired from B/P'ing and the like. I still go there every so often, though, so if you're a fellow Newgrounder, feel free to hit me up.

Anyway, this isn't my first Livejournal. My old LJ was full of high school shit...petty crap and arguments and typical dumbass teenager stuff...so I abandoned it for this one. I'm not super-active here, but I'll respond to any comments or messages sent my way. Anonymous posting is allowed on my LJ, so even if you're not a member (like, say, you're just a reader of my fanfics), you can still drop me a line via commenting.

That's all for now.